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Adding a circuit selector and control with footswitch

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Oct 11, 2020
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Hello everyone!

I have this guitar amplifier that I've added a tremolo circuit. I manage to add a DPDT switch to select between the clean signal (goes straight to the amp circuit) or the tremolo circuit (goes to the tremolo and then to the amp)

So, there is a way of replacing the DPDT switch for a female 1/4 inch jack that I can connect a footswitch to turn on and off the tremolo circuit ... or to select between the clean guitar signal and the signal with tremolo. I've been researching but is a bit confusing.

What would you guys recommend?

Thank you!

Replacing the DPDT switch with what? Why not using a DPDT foot switch as any guitar effect does? In case you want to control the effect by a digital signal, you can of course use an DPDT analog switch, but it needs a power supply.

I suppose your circuit has a battery power supply? Often a pedal has a switch in the jack which conveniently turns the power on as you plug in a cable.

Is your question asking about this? It's separate from the switch that chooses between tremolo and plain.

One problem which can appear is a startling 'pop' noise whenever you do something. To avoid it you may need to experiment with locations for a switch, whether on the input side or the output side.

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