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AC Voltage regulator?

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Mar 25, 2009
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Hi people,

i wonder is there any AC voltage regulator existed?
my wall socket is providing 240Vac but in order to get a desired AC voltage output at secondary transformer the primary input must be 230Vac.

so is there any way to lower the wall socket output for my application or any other way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

In an ideal transformer, the induced voltage in the secondary winding (Vs) is in proportion to the primary voltage (Vp), and is given by the ratio of the number of turns in the secondary (Ns) to the number of turns in the primary (Np) as follows:


By appropriate selection of the ratio of turns, a transformer thus allows an alternating current (AC) voltage to be "stepped up" by making Ns greater than Np, or "stepped down" by making Ns less than Np.

You can decrease the no. of turns of secondary coil to get desired output voltage.

You can also purchase a AC voltage regulator form market.
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There are various AC voltage stabilizers, each one with its own problems, 1. changing taps on transformers. 2. saturable reactor. 3, moving coil regulator. 4 motor driven rotary transformers. 5. solid state PWM.

hi chuckey

I would add one more option to your list ( let´s say : 6th ).

Some high powers AC stabilizers imlpements series transformers instead paralel transformer you posted at item 1.
I works either adding or subtracting voltage from certer-taped units.
This way :
1st transformer : 8% of input ( center-taped ).
2nd transformer : 4% of input ( center-taped ).
3rd transformer : 2% of input ( center-taped ).
4th transformer : 1% of input ( center-taped ).

The great advantage is power transformers witth much less size and weight.

With that topology the output can reach +/- 15% regulation ( 1+2+4+8 ) with 1% precision.
Note that each transformer is equivalent to an binary code step.

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That's only a +4% error. What are you powering off the secondary that you need that accuracy?


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