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about high density, routing track and multi channel to design standard cell in VLSI

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Aug 12, 2015
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i want to know briefly about high density , routing track, multi channel to design standard cell in IC in VLSI.please help me......

such as...........
1.what is high density ?
2.what is its purpose to design standard cell?

what is tracks?
what is off track and on track?
can we design diagonally and how?
what is the significant of routing tracks?

what is multi channel and single channel?
its working function to design standard cell.....


High density cells are mainly used where we are considering area into consideration and we are ready to compromise for the performance.So usually the high density cells have less number of tracks when compared to hight performance cells.

Tracks are mainly fixed metal lines which help in accessing the inputs and outputs at the top level easily by using the PnR tools.

There are prefixed tracks mainly for accessing the Power lines these are considered as OFF tracks because in those tracks we cannot place any of the input or output Pins.So the tracks which can be used by the standard cell layout designer for Hit points are knonwn as ON tracks.But in the top level bot the OFF and ON tracks can be accessed.
On Multi-Channel and Single Channel :

A technology node can have two Channel Length :
Eg : ABC is a foundry
ABC40 : 40 process node can have 35nm and 45nm as Channel length.

Thus we mention ABC40 as multi channel library.
Basically, these library will have the same footprint ie 35CL and 45CL.

Only difference between these two library will be Poly width (one will be of 35nm and the other of 45nm).

That is about multi-channel.

Single channel will be having only one channel . Eg ABC180.

Other questions were answered by Anand.
let me know if you need more info.
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