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a*tro Error on Red Hat 7.1

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Aug 9, 2002
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astro caught signal 11 segmentation violation

i have install a*tro on red hat 7.1, but when i want to start it, the computer notes me seg error and core dump, who has the experience with installing & configing it?

setenv AVANTD_LICENSE_FILE <path to ur astro license file>
dont put astro license or server in LM_LICENSE_FILE lists

i tried, but failed again
the message is:
caught signal 11[segmentation violation]
Aborted (core dumped)

Dont set your license to /usr/local/flexlm/licenses/license.dat , neither in LM_LICENSE_FILE path or port@server. Stop the license server for astro. Otherwise it will be core dump .
Just set the AVANTD_LICENSE_FILE point to the license .
I have the same problem as u b4 . And it's ok since the above change .

I run

I run in REDHAT 7.2, it's ok!

install problem?

I try to run A@stro from cmd line (RH.72) and I get following message:
Cannot initialize GUI. Likely causes:
(1) The executable is not in the right path;
(2) The connection to X-server is broken or refused.
Exit Astro!
I don't know what is wrong.


I installed Astro on RHLinux7.3 and use LM_LICENSE_FILE to point to the license file, all seems well.
Without entire test, but the GUI displayed without any problem.

hi truesteven,

try to reinstall RH7.1. it is not the error with your license. i encountered this message before. it is caused by your system library!

hi xirix

you do not have the right of some xwindow programm. and astro can not run without Xwindow. by the way, if you run in remote by exceed. you must set X11 config file and then login except root. it all pass in RH7.2, and some error with RH7.3

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