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6N135/136 replacement????

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Sep 1, 2010
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hi guys please tell me the substitute of 6N136 opto-coupler. i need immediate help.

6N136 is an active part, manufuctured by several manufacturers and available from most catalog distributors, what's your problem with it? If you need it's speed, you hardly can use a slow standard type.

It’s essential to know the application in order to have the best replacements.
Analog/digital applications? High speed?

I cant able to fine in my location, so that is why asking for it. I want to use it in dead time generator circuit made for 3 phase inverter bridge.

I cant able to fine in my location, so that is why asking for it.
Perhaps it would be helpful to know, which optocouplers are available at your place.
I want to use it in dead time generator circuit made for 3 phase inverter bridge.
This doesn't actually clarify the requirements. I would assume, that the part isn't used particularly for dead time generation rather than isolating the gate drive signals. So an optocoupler specification has to refer to maximum frequency, minimum pulse width and most important, thl and tlh propagation delay symmetry and tolerable propagation delay skew between channels.

As a general remark, 6N136 is a kind of legacy product from the 70th, at these days, logic output optocouplers like TLP113 are mostly replacing it. But they are also avaible in a wide range of different performance classes. And considering this replacement option again refers to my first question.

thanks for reply.
basically i want to generate the dead time using opto coupler and schmitt trigger. in this way i will also get the gate isolation. is it wrong??? else tell me the better way.

sorry to tell; 4n25, mct2e, and pc815 are available.
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PC815 is a slow darlington type and not suitable for your project. 4N25 and MCT2E are both standard optocouplers with similar specifications. They are still rather slow compared to 6N136 and showing asymmetrical propagation delays. I'm not sure, if you can easily modify your design to work correctly with these devices. There are options like adding a cascode transistor stage to the optocoupler or a schottky diode to avoid saturation.

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