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500 points for naming a new PIC Microcontroller book

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Microcontroller projects from the Blue Room.

Projects from the Blue Room with 16F & 18F micros.

Added after 2 minutes:

Hi Blue Room,

Just curious; what words would you like to see included in the title?

That would help to suggest something more suitable.

BTW, Blue Room stands for what?

Are you an EE?
Be simple for the readers:

"PIC Projects Made Easy"


Excellent showing so far, only 4 days left and I'll pick a winner.

Remember for copyright reasons the word PIC should be avoided.

Here another title:

Embedded systems design from the ground up


Usefull applications using Microcontrollers


Embedded Systems Design using Microcontrollers

Hope I win :)

erm.. sorry that this is out of topic, but what are the use for the points earn other than downloading stuff?

Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller (Tab Electronics) by Myke Predko (Paperback - Sep 25, 2007)

eugenesiew said:
erm.. sorry that this is out of topic, but what are the use for the points earn other than downloading stuff?

It's a symbolic gift. Personally, I didn't participate to gain points but only to see If I am able to chose a title for a book ( It is a self challenge).

" PIC Projects for all " ... A wonder book...

Gook luck for your next assignment...

Happy winters ...



There are no set rules to what the title can be, I will award the 500points on Dec 16 as the deadline is the 15th.

The only word to try and avoid is actually PIC as Microchip may block that as they've done for the book "Easy PIC'n" but it could be because he modified the word PIC in the title.

for the record, I'm not posting to gain points, I'm just posting for the fun of it.

here's a couple:

"Microcontrollers...The Lo Trek in Hi Tech."

"If You Build it They will Fly\n An Intro to Microcontrollers"

fun isn't it:D

just made it consistent and actually meaningful :)


what about

1- The Blue Embedded
2- Tales of Embedded with The BlueRoom
3- Embedded inside BlueRoom
4- Alone Embedded in BlueRoom
6- When Embedded Get Blue
7- Embedded at the BlueRoom
8- PlayEmbedded
9- Blue Embedded

i hope it is good ??

Dear What about 500pt+ a free edition from your book

P.I.C. with Blueroom
Programming Is Complete With Blueroom
C can also be replace with other words such as...


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