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32k crystal oscillator simulation

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May 8, 2004
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cristal 32k

Dear all :

Does anyone know 32K crystal oscillator simulation ? Thanks

crystal oscillator simulation

look at
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oscilator 32k

Dear Form :
How do we simulate the transient ? We can sim AC repsonse . But we can't guarntee the duty cylcle .
Does any comment ?

32k oscillator

define an initial current on conductor(in quartz model),
then run .tran

oscilator 32k time starting

As to me I run conservative transient without initial condition, but wait a long time when oscillator start up. It can take a few seconds of REAL time and huge simulation time. You can define initial condition of inductor as butterfish said, but to get the real duty ratio you need a steady state result. To get it I think you need the same long-time simulation.

crystal oscillator transient simulation

Dear From :

I have try using initial condition. But it can't oscillation . Does any Spice files ? Thanks

32k + crystal

Give a pwl on vdd ,and run .tran simulation.
It will take you a long time to see the result.
just try.

pspice 32k quartz

agree with holddreams
Give a pwl on vdd
When we set this PWL as 0-->VDD ramp in ~ 10usec,
this is practically similar to power on situation
and it got to oscillator under .trans. (within 1sec)

If still fail, crystal parameters might need to be doube checked
assuming AC gain is at >= 5dB
and transient operating point is not far away from AC operating point.

troca cristal 32k

in side the .tran area add "uic"and wait long time to see it will oscillate on the conidtion of the AMP gain greater than aleast 2.

32k crystal oscillator

maybe you also should increase simulation accuracy.

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