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220VAC to 230VDC converter

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Lavanya R

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Dec 15, 2014
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Hi all,

I want to convert 220VAC, 5A/50Hz to 230VDC, 3A
I am using the circuit which i have attached.
The components values which I chose are:
1:1 transformer
1N5406 diodes
150uF,400V electrolytic cap
Inductor - yet to be choosen
R of 115 ohms.
Pls, suggest whether this circuit configuration with above said components can serve my purpose.
also suitable inductor value
thank in advance:grin:, rectbr3.gif

You probably don't need the inductor. Your problem is the capacitor will charge to the peak of the incoming AC voltage. Assuming 220VAC is an RMS measurement, the peak after the diodes will be:
(VRMS * sqrt(2)) - (2 * Vf) where Vf is the drop in each diode.

Substituting real values:
(220 * 1.414) - (2 * 0.8) gives a voltage a the output of about 310V. That's a bit more than you want!

I'm not sure if R is your load or a real resistor. If it's a real resistor, bear in mind it will dissipate about 850W of heat so it will be the size of a house brick and require forced air or water cooling!

Please explain what you need the 230V for so we can suggest better alternative solutions.


I want high DC voltage for powering end equipment. so though dooing with bridge rectifier.

Give this 310v DC to a full bridge and vary its pwm i think your problem will be solved

The o/p voltage will vary a lot with load, 310VDc or so no load, a lot less at your full load...... if your load circuit can survive the highs and lows you might be Ok....
Lavanya R, 310V is much more than the 230V you are asking for but may be the basis for a further stage of regulation down to 230V. It depends upon the type of equipment you are using. Some equipment will be damaged by applying such a high overvoltage, some may not but 80V is a considerable amount to cater for.

Tell us what kind of equipment it is, how much current it needs and how stable the voltage has to be, then we can advise on the best strategy.


A buck converter can also address your problem

The output of Bridge converter is been used to drive Power MOSFET of Vds = 600V.
The MOSFET works as switch. so to provide such voltage i am developing this circuit

- - - Updated - - -

Also it will be helpful for me if I can get the formulas to calculate voltage and current at each segment of circuit.

- - - Updated - - -

will capacitor rating of 1500uF, 400V can handle the output of diode bridge.

I fear 1500uf is available at 400v unless you cascade a few 220uf

Hi All,

I have a doubt.
after rectification, we have two DC voltages. one is Pulsating Dc and the other is average DC.
which the exact DC voltage which gives 230Vdc.
How important the average DC in our calculations, when it has to be considered.
I hope this may be silly doubt but pls clarify

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