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200 meter video transmission

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Nov 5, 2010
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I am working on a remote controlled reconnaissance robot to help the combat troops,so i need to transmit video to a distance of 200 meter. i have bought a camera which can even work at zero lux,now i need a Rx Tx set for transmission to 150 meters minimum distance.can any one help???

you need a high bandwidth wireless transmission. Depending on the bandwidth consumption of your video, a lot of ready to use protocols are there e.g. 802.11 g,n, if it is really military you might want to even consider CDMA with encryption. off-the shelf components are available.
I think i dont want ot have an encryption,i am looking for an hardware(tx-rx ) to send the camera output via wireless.

What is your required data rate? There are plenty of development kits: 1 or 2. Once your familiar with the data transmission protocol you can possible use off the shelf chips like MAX2828-MAX2829.pdf or MRF24WB0MA/MRF24WB0MB.

This is just one transmission technique. many are viable.
I have a camera working at zero lux,which is essential for the project i need a transitter reciever pair working at a range of 150 meter minimum. Will the above chips work ?

The above chips will definitely work. The range depends on your antenna and power amplifier at the output, to start with a dev kit helps in understanding the basic requirements to build a tx, rx circuit. I would suggest you make a communication system specification for your application and then proceed with a analysing the cicuit specifics for implementation.

Try using nordic might cost aroumd has around 1-2Mbps..and digital data input..

please give me details...

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