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2.4 GHz antenna connectors and alternatives

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Jun 17, 2006
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I am making a radio modem using one of those 2.4Ghz transceivers. The maximum output power will be 20dBm. I am confused about the antenna. I really like to use a microstrip antenna for cost reasons but am worried(lack of knowledge) about the performance. I looked for RF connectors, namely UFL and SMA and they are terribly expensive costing 2 times the transceiver's price in small quantities. I can only guess how much the antennas will cost.

The radio is 802.15-4 compliant with O-QPSK modulation and DSSS over 2Mhz channels in the 2.4Ghz band. They will be used in indoor enviroments so multipath reflections must be considered. The maximum vertical distance between any two radios will not be more than 5 metres so it will be nice if that can used to increase the gain. Also the antenna must be stable enough so that it won't detune everytime some one walks by with a metal coffee mug :)

I am planning to use a microstrip antenna with the option to use a RF connector (just in case) with a zero-ohm resistor to switch between them. I saw that technique in an application note.

Can someone kindly explain the possible options. Thank You.

As far is the antenna is concerned, I ll suggest microstrip technology
It has many benefits, one of them is its low cost.
Also at 2.4GHz, these antennas are available very easily


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Yes go for microstrip for such a low distance path. You can find many designs on the internet to build your own.
For the connectors wou can have a look at **broken link removed**

BNC and TNC can be used (and in fact they do) in these frequencies, you do not need SMA.
Try to find good quality BNC/TNC but if you cannot it won't be too much of a problem for such a low path distance


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em making a toll road RFID antenna working at 2350-2450MHz, should I be using microstrip technology??...moreover one of he repliers said that antenna variables are available on the internet..kindly can u tell me a website for my TOLL ROAD antenna??..looking forward to ur reply...thankx
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