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12VDC input to +12V/+6V/-6V/GND output

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Dec 7, 2012
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Hi everyone, I was searching online on how to make convert 12VDC to +12V/+6V/-6V/GND VDC outputs and found out this forum so I'll ask for help here.

I currently have this circuit:

My idea is to supply the entire circuit through a DC connector, connecting to it a 12VDC adapter.
So I need a circuit which can convert the 12V to +12V (VCC_I) and +6V/-6V (VCC_P/VCC_N), to replace the box on the left of my circuit.

First of all, is this possible?

If it is, can anyone make me a quick schematic of the circuit I need to this conversions?

Best regards to all ;-)

First of all, it is possible. Second of all, we need more information. What current is required for each voltage? How much noise can you tolerate? Look at texas instruments, Linear Technology, etc. for the various voltage regulators available. The manufacturers (as well as the web) have unlimited information on power supplies.

Thank you for your quick reply! :wink:
Well the current for each voltage I think it should be equivalent to the ones on the circuit.

About the noise I can't say exactly, because it's the first time I'm working on this kind of circuits (beginner at electronics as well).

This schematic shows a method to obtain +6 and -6 supplies from a single 12V supply.

The clock can be any hi-low pulse train.

The zener diodes are optional if you do not need regulation. Or if you can get the desired volt level by adjusting the charge-pump capacitors.

The charge-pump capacitors are the ones close to the mosfets. Increasing the value will increase the amplitude of the output voltage.

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