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± 14V swicth in 3V process with 3V vdd.

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May 26, 2005
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I am using a process with 15V capable MOSFETS and I want to connect a switched capacitor amplifier directly to input through ± 14V capable switch. Vdd is 3V.

Could you suggest me a suitable topology, paper, working circuit etc. I worry about particularly latch-up issues. Is it doable? thank you in advance.

when you are talking about that 14V capable MOSFET i believe you are talking about a discrete one... if it not discrete and if it is used in the wafer along with the 3V MOSFET then it is a very risky operation in terms of latchup.....

The ± 15V device is not discrete one, it exist in the process. Is there any circuit anybody know that works. I can come up with one but I need comments from people who has experience to share. thanks again.

post your circuit,.... generally many process are done to prevent latchup from occuring which can be easily found by googling too...


I do not have a solution yet. I was hoping an engineer with a previous experience could give me a lead.


Question is regarding IC design so I can not utilize external IC's.

thank you very much for your kind replies and efford :)

try reading this....

**broken link removed**

in it some methods for preventing latchup has been discussed... i had some documents... i'll find them and post them somehow....


sometimes used in power management circuits to
control the external power switch

@ yuanxiao

Due to device breakdown voltage limit there is no room for boostrapping. Also this will require a large area HV charge pump. I am stuck with p-ch switch but there may be some clever way as add on to it to accomplish a neat solution.

thanks for your reply.

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