I'm simulating.. well trying it xDD...

Proteus reports the error in simulation log:

Build completed OK.
Compiling netlist... 
Linking netlist...
Partition analysis...

[U2] PIC16 model release 6.3 SP0 simulating PIC16877 device.
[U2] Loaded 256 bytes of persistent EEPROM data.
[U2] Loading HEX file 'leds232.HEX'.
FATAL: [U2] Program or EEPROM data has invalid address [2000] for this device

I don't understand what means "Program or EEPROM data has invalid address [2000] for this device". I have no idea about what could be happening here.
Fuses are all deactivated less XS Osc. By the way, I tried with some combinations of them, crystals speeds... reconfiguring device... xDDD
The code compiles perfectly in MPLAB: is small and simply, only a rs232 communication with the virtual rs232 component (compin). Pic is 877 but only because I'm trying differents pics. The error is the same for all.

¿Some idea? I couldn't find any help searching with google.