I am trying to do a project on “MULTIUSER DETECTION FOR DS-CDMA UWB SYSTEM” in which I am going to compare performance of “matched filter”, “RAKE receiver” and “MMSE receiver”, which are the CDMA receivers.

Our goal is to examine the performance for the following scenarios:
a) Multipath channel, no interferers
b) Multipath channel, one narrowband interferer
c) Multipath channel, multiple DS-CDMA UWB signals
d) Multipath channel, one narrowband interferer and multiple DS-CDMA UWB signals.

For this I am planning to use Kasami codes for generation of spreading sequence with the length 15 and the chip rate of 1.5 GHz in the band width of 2-8 GHz.

Kindly help me in writing the MATLAB simulation programs for the stated above.