I'm not sure if this would be interesting to anyone except me so I'm testing the waters here.

I needed to put together an IRDA hardware design so that I could communicate with my Ipaq. Now parts were hard to come by but the Jeteye was on Ebay for $2.00. This unit allows your PC to use IRDA via the serial port. How could I lose out on a deal like that.

With the case removed the PC board is 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" which is a great size for my application.

With a little (maybe a lot) of research I have found that the board contains the following IC's: HSDL-7001 encoder/decoder chip by HP, LP2951 Micropower voltage regulator by National, and the HSDL-1001 IR tranceiver by HP.

I've drawn out the schematic. All that has to be done is to write the software for a microcontroller and you will have a complete IRDA system for a very cheap price.

I thought I would share my discoveries for those that may be looking into using IRDA.