there are few reasons we use inductor. for Impedance matching, DC biasing(RF choke), Phase shifting, Filtering, LC tank

and when I design inductor in the HFSS, the values of 1port(single ended) and 2port(differential) are different.

1port(single ended) inductor spec: L= 172pH, Q=19.6, Fsr=122GHz
2port(differential) inductor spec: L= 152pH, Q=33.5, Fsr=221GHz

(the mode parameters are totally same in width, Thickness, diameter..etc. I just transformed way of excitation. 1port or 2port
using PEC boundary)

1. so, when I use sparameter at the cadence for Impedance matching, DC biasing ,,

what sparameter result do I have to use??

2. I think we make the inductor series connected to the other circuit component from as an single ended model. so I have to use 1port sparameter. is this right approaching?