Hello everyone,

I'm about to learn about UHF-RFID and found this whitepaper: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/3c7...413eb3133b.pdf
On page two, the second paragraph is says:

The farfields can be used to identify the best position and orientation for the RFID tags relative to the reader and, using the built-in “Calculate RFID Read Distance” macro in CST STUDIO SUITE,
the readable range of the tag can be calculated over the range of possible angles (Figure 3) given the output power and sensitivity of the reader antenna.

However, I can not find this marco to calculate the read distance for a simulated RFID-Tag.
Has this macro been removed or renamed in newer CST versions?

Does someone know if there is another convenient possibility to calculate the maximal read distance for a simulated RFID-Tag in CST?

Thank you very much.