Realtek's AmebaIoT ecosystem also has the low-cost Ameba-2 development board using the RTL8710 soc. This board is also a WiFi capable, Arduino compatible IoT board designed for project integration. The RTL8710 soc is tightly integrated on a small form-factor pcb module together with a USB to UART converter and a RGB led. The module can also be plugged into an expansion development board, which breaks out all the pins into Arduino compatible headers. Combining the module with the expansion board allows for the use of arduino shields, speeding up project development and debugging. After the development is completed, the module's small size makes it easy to integrate it into projects that need to fit tightly into enclosures.

The features are as follows:

JTAG debugging

Examples, sample code, user manuals, HDKs and SDKs can be found at

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