We are a midsize biotech organization with little/no internal Si design expertise that is likely to need outside design services for low-noise transimpedance amplifier arrays: 1000s of channels (possibly 10k's of channels in subsequent revs of the design), on as tight a pitch as reasonably possible. This will be Si-level design, with integrated DAQs, ADCs, etc.

We have some overtures from the midsize/large-ish design houses but my concern is that a project of this magnitude will be a side show to them and they will not pay enough attention. With that type of organization we are also more likly to get into significant legal wrangling about ownership of design, etc, etc. Looking for recommendations for smaller organizations that may be able to provide this type of service. I am guessing that there may be military-oriented design houses willing to tackle this type of project, but I have zero familiarity with the field.

Any help/pointers is much appreciated.