Actually, I could able to debug the STM32F303RE Nucleo board and could see the value of the variables by keeping the breakpoint while debugging.

Instead of keeping the breakpoint, I want to trace the value of the variable using SWV and also I want to print the logs which need to be displayed in the SWO console.

But I am blocking somewhere else after tried the below steps

I am using the Atollic TRUE Studio and Configured the Debug options for the project. Used the ST-Link-V2 Incircuit Programmer/debugger for debugging

I set the Core Clock as 72MHz(which I referred from STM32Cube IDE for STM32F303RE Nucleo) and SWO clock as 2000 KHz.

I used the ITM related functions(ITM_SendChar) to print the log or single character in the SWO console and enabled the port "0" in the SWO settings.

But nothing displayed in the SWO console.

I don't know what I need to do exactly. Do I need to use the SWD port which present in the Nucleo board to print the log in SWO console.

Kindly help on this.