We are developing a neural network capable of detecting faults on the electronics components placed on a PCB just from a photo taken of any PCBA.
We are finally in the Alpha version of it: AgnosPCB.com

Please feel free to take a look at our site and the current visual inspection tool: the web App https://app.agnospcb.com/

This APP is currently in the ALPHA version. Within months, we will release and full Computer/Android version of this APP

This ALPHA version can detect missing/misplaced or rotated elements on any PCBA. It does not matter the type of elements placed/ PCB architecture/ color or size of the components.

How does it work?: The neural network uses a reference PCBA photo (a PCB that has been previously checked) and it will compare that reference with all the photos of PCBAs to be inspected.

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The visual inspection takes seconds. Any mid-range smartphone can be used to take the photos (>8 Megapixels).
There is a short video explaining how to use the WebAPP here*
This fast visual recognition tool is extremely useful for low or medium quantity PCBAs batches

If you were interested in trying our APP, we will happily provide a USER ID (needed to run the WebAPP) for free to inspect boards. There is not equipment investment required.

The tests can be made using just a smartphone’s camera.

This service is still in an ALPHA (early testing phase). The more boards are sent to the neural network, the more it will improve identifying mistakes. An ALPHA version means as well that we can add features to the APP as they are requested by the users.

Anyone interested on trying the neural network, please contact me at: agnospcb@jjrobots.com

Thanks Community!