Hello, I am new here and would like to greet all forum users first,

I have several questions probably due to lack of knowledge and experience.

1. IC1: cFeon EN29LV040A is the equivalent for IC2: SST39VF040-70? I have content written down from IC1 and I would like to write it on IC2. The saving process goes up to ca 50% and programming is stopped:

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2. Does the option "Fill" to any values or only FF? When trying to write other than FF, an error pops up, but partial attempts to write from the address range are OK, e.g. in the address range 0000-0000 to 0000-00FF only 4 lines can be filled in (ASCII "a", the next ones must be from 0100, because the above-mentioned error occurs.

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3. Whether we use replacements for flash memory, or is this a last resort?

Thanks for the help in advance