Hey Guys,

Hate to take so much effort to find an electronics contract manufacturer any more? You may get interested in forwarding all the works to PS Electronics.

1. You'll get a full range of PCB turnkey services, we'll go with you from the design stage to delivery finished products,
2. You'll get a partner who has been serving the world's top 500 companies (who will never accept detective boards) for more than 20 years,
3. Absolutely, your PCBs will get the Pb free certificates, they will enter the different markets without barriers,
4. You will get instant online support at any time, no matter where you are (unless no internet there),
5. Free feel even if you only need a few pieces (No MOQ), you always get supported from prototyping to production,
6. Don't worry about implicit fees, the quotes will be extremely clear,
7. We own 800 employees with 3 plants, tell me what a lead time you want?
8. Partnered with the best shipping carriers, send it to your house quickly,
9. Full refund guarantee within 24 hours, on-call after-sales services.

Today, send your files and requirements to us, then have a cup of coffee-:)

Contact: sales@pspcb.com