Does anyone have any tips on how to make a visual representation of a cable in a multiline diagram, bunching all the connections within a single line ( such as in Altium with the Bus Entry feature ), turning a bundle of wires into a one-wire representation) ?

Just to clarify, I mean that the standard way we have to represent a cable, is drawing the Cable Definition simbol across individual wires, as this:

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But I wanted to do something like this:

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The problem I found with the current approach is that if I represent the connections of several devices at one page and if I want to connect them to another page, I have to send all the signals pin-to-pin, which would kill the intelligibility of the diagram.

I have asked to Eplan techincal support and they simply told that this is not a feature available in the tool. I could even got a paliative solution, by creating a device with a cable inside, inserting device pins at one side of the beam, and only one pin on the other side, as this:

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However, from now the cable will be treated as a connection component, that is, in the connections report, the cable would no longer be "transparent", but generated tag for itself (ie, A would not be represented as connected to B anymore, as A→B, but rather: A→Cable and B→Cable).

Would anyone have any tip?

I'm using Eplan P8 Electric 2.8 in multiline view