I have a small board 30mm x 5mm. I am working on the documentation portion of the project. In Altium 18 I used the Place>Design View and changed the scale to 2:1. The size is great for a letter size print, but I cannot get the pads or solder mask to appear in the design view. I placed five Design Views in my document: Drill Drawing Layer, Top Copper, Bottom Copper, Top Assembly, Bottom Assembly. In the two assembly views I would like to show the silkscreen, the mechanical outline of the parts, and the solder pads/paste. In the design view properties I can select the silk and the mechanical layers, but there isn't a paste layer. There is a a pads master layer, but it appears to be empty and it does not appear in my layer stack. All components were built for this project, so it might be that I didn't build them to be part of the pad master layer.

Its been a while since I used Altium, so any help would be appreciated.