Dear all,

I am studying a paper called "Electrical Model Simulation for a UHF RFID System in near and far fields".
In the paper, it has an Electrical model of UHF RFID tag sample model.
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As you can see, there are two files called "coefficient.txt" and "tag_off.txt", but I don't know how to get these files.

The paper said that these two files are created by using Matlab code.
Is there anyone know how to get these two files by Matlab or other method?

" A code following the form defined in the EPC - Class
1- Generation 2 is generated by a program written with
MATLAB and loaded via the Data Access Component
DAC1. This code commands the switch to select the
suitable impedance, and modulate the received CW. HPADS normalizes all circuits by assuming a 50ohm terminal
resistance. Negative resistances are added to remove the
effect of this terminal resistance. These negative resistances
are simulated here by combining temporal and frequency
simulations in the detection “Envelope” simulator.
The value of Rshunt is determined using (1). The
coefficients ai are calculated using a second MATLAB
program and downloaded via the Data Access Component
DAC2. "
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