Normally priced at 300GBP, this is the completely unlimited version of one of the most widely used DSP applications. This release of ONEoverT with no restrictions, may be used to design FIR, IIR, Raised Cosine, Hilbert Transforms and a range of other filters. It is being offered at a special discount price of 40 GBP to help students and hobbiests enter the subject of digital signal processing. This is ideal for use with PICs, microcontrollers

For designing FPGAs and ASICs, an additional VHDL module can be obtained for 100GBP (normally priced at 600GBP). This allows generation of synthesizable VHDL, testbench and test vectors for easy implementation on ASIC/FPGA.

The demo version may be downloaded from the website. All features are the same except that coefficent and code output have been disabled.

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