Hi, I'm using Calibre in Cadence Virtuoso to verify my layout using Silterra's PDK. I have acquired all four DRC and LVS/PEX runset and header TXT files, but all of them could not be loaded inside Calibre Interactive. Below shows what would happen after loading the DRC runset file after being prompted to do so:

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Other files were also having problems while being loaded, effectively halted my progress on physical verification and post-layout simulation. Not even changing file formats help. Before elaborating further on those other issues, may I know does anyone here has successfully verified layout(s) containing Silterra library cells using Calibre that are willing to help me?

PS: This may seem like a rookie question, but frankly speaking, Silterra's PDKs are the only ones I can legitimately acquire, I am the only one in my campus that uses this PDK, my supervisors do not have prior experiences in using Calibre with Silterra, and some staffs in Silterra didn't reply me after I asked my questions. I sincerely hope there is someone here that are willing to provide some insights or advices regarding my problem.