Dear all,

I am using HFSS15 and I want to show the H-field distribution of spiral antenna with near field condition.

1. I draw a spiral antenna with N=10, Radius change=8mm, Width=5mm, Thickness=0.035mm, copper.
2. I draw a substrate for this spiral antenna with 200mm*200mm, Thickness=0.8mm, FR4.
3. I draw a boundary with 400mm*400mm*400mm, vacuum.
4. I select a face (the thickness side) of one of the end of the spiral antenna and assign excitation with wave port.
5. I assign the boundary with radiation to the boundary box.
6. I add a solution setup in Analysis with frequency 13.56MHz, start with 10MHz, stop with 20MHz.
7. I insert the far/near field setup in Radiation.
8. After Analysis all, I cannot find "Create Far/Near Field Report" in Result.

I want to ask why. Since I am new in HFSS, I don't know which parts are wrong.