For a project that started out as a hobby but has a certain production potential I'm looking for a display.
The machine typically belongs to a workbench.
Max viewing distance of 1m, rather less
Size of the whole device 1-2 dm3.
On display I need to display in one mode
three larger digits
three smaller digits + 3 icons
in one mode
any significant power meter 0-100%
+ small SWR meter
maybe date and time
all in different colors depending on the output

Yes would suffice 3x 8 segmend LED + 4pcs RGB LED, but I also want the display as a design element.
just something that stands out when it stands on the table. The instrument box will be a metal casting and the display should be a pearl in it.

My first consideration
Round OLED any as htis
disadvantages 1.39" is to small around 2 "we could not find, OLED lifetime is problematic, price high

My second consideration TFT LCD size 1.8" - 2.4" with 8bit color , with min resolution 240, better more. On ebay, ali and other suppliers I found a lot of displays in these dimensions, but all have 6 or less bit colors.
Can you advise where to look for a suitable LCD available from 1 pc to 100pcs?

Ideal with driver supported in emWin librry, and with SPI interface and poroice under 20$/pcs or another idea for a suitable display