Hi, as you can see in the attached picture, i have a setup of two antennas interacting throughout a mirror (blue arrows). to avoid crosstalk (red arrow) of the antennas, a absorber is placed.

To model this in an HFSS Design, i used for the antennas a volume with Finite Element Boundary Integral (FE-BI). For the metallic mirror i use a Hybrid Region.

My question is, how to model the absorber ? I tried to use Absorbing Boundary Conditions (ABC) but they are not allowed in combination with Hybrid Regions/Boundaries.

Does anyone know, whats the proper way to model this setup to avoid the crosstalk ?

The absorber, in reality, have a pyramidal like mesh on the surface, but to recreate this surface and furthermore to simulate it would increase the simulation time dramtically and not in the sense of the Hybrid feature. Also the dielectric parameter of the absorber is unknown.

Thank you.


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