Hello! I am new to CST studio suite and have some questions about it. As a simple example I want to simulate a cylindrical waveguide in terahertz frequency range. First of all I've drawn a cylinder, have set background to pec and have set waveports at faces of the cylinder. I 've set boundaries at faces of the waveguide as open, other boundaries as Et =0. The number of modes in port was set to five. Then I've chosen the frequency domain solver. The frequency range was set from 0.4 to 4 THz as equidistant samples. I want to get only propagation constant Gamma. That's why I've set "solve ports modes only" option. But after the calculations were done, I ' ve found that Gamma was calculated at only one frequency of 2.2 THz - in the center of my frequency range. But I want to get imaginary and real parts of Gamma at all frequencies - 0.4;1.0;1.6;2.2;2.8;3.4;4.0 THz. How can I get it in CST studio with frequency domain solver?

Here is my project (CST studio 2019).