I am trying to fix a Panasonic TX-40CX300E.

A first diagnostic leads me to think that the motherboard is faulty. The motherboard reference is: VESTEL 17MB100 - 23292243 and the screen ref is VES400QNSS - 2D - U01.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find the same card :(

I found a MB with the same layout (or very close) but for a different screen (VES480QNSS - 2D - U01).

Is there any chance this card could do the trick? (maybe the card is able to deal with different screen resolution)

Second question, my TV is a TX-40CX300E, I understand that E stands for Europe and the TX-40CX300B is the UK version. Is there an US version ? Can I use à B mother board in a E TV ?

Thank you for you help and suggestions !