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    Current Transducer Test Rig - Doubts

    Hi guys, we manufacture current transducers at the company that I work at, ranging from 190A all the way up to 3000A. Due to limitations on the current test rig we can't test CT's over 1000A. Basically the existing rig is a really long cable that wraps around an inductor several times and at a specific point the this same cable is shorted with itself (cable has enough resistance not to trip the breaker), this short current is amplified due to the turns on the inductor.

    It's a really crude setup, the connectors often heat up and end up melting, the test rig had to be repaired twice already.

    I was thinking about coming up with a new design that employs a VARIAC, a big inductor, a rectifier circuit (for DC current transducers) and a few resistive loads. I would still have to wrap the wire around the inductor to multiply the current but this time I would use different loads to increase the current. The VARIAC would also take part in the whole current adjusting circuit (operated by a servo motor hooked up to its shaft).

    Would any of you suggest and literature? I've tried searching for similar projects on the web but found nothing.

    Is there a way to simulate the circuit using SPICE, Matlab or a similar software so that I don't actually end up buying the equipment in vain?

    Thanks everyone.

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    Re: Current Transducer Test Rig - Doubts

    Easy enough to have made a 230V single phase Tx with an open sec that you can put a single turn thru to get 3kA, then control from the Variac - 3kA DC is a different matter - ideally you want smooth DC - this would need 3 phase SCR control from a three phase Tx with a large smoothing choke in the o/p ...

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