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    Does this ARM Microcontroller development board I have designed work?

    Hello everyone, I am Sashvat, just joined this forum just now, I want your help in my schematic and circuits. I have built this STM32F334K4T6 microcontroller development board. I simply built this for fun, just to gain knowledge in ARM uC programming and improve my circuit designing skills.

    I would like to know if the circuit I have created will power on and work by uploading code to blink an LED and be able to read sensors etc. Please let me know if I have gone wrong anywhere. I am also uploading the PCB I have created for this, I haven't filled the PCB with ground copper, I will do it as you give it a go, I have done it so that its easy for you to see the wiring I have done. I am just in 12th grade so please explain me so that its easy for me to understand.

    Most importantly, please let me know wether it works and serves a purpose as a microcontroller development board.

    Thank you all very much for your time and patience!! :)

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    Re: Does this ARM Microcontroller development board I have designed work?

    no idea if it will work

    IF Vcc is 3.3 V, 24.9 ohm resistor R2 may be too small
    I don't know the current capability of your processor

    you're having PA13 act as a source for LED2
    R1 may be the right size - so R2 should be about the same
    again, i don't know the current capability of the processor, either as a source or a sink

    some of the PWB traces may be too close to one another

    further evaluation will require a program for the processor

    you can buy a variety of already wired development boards for a variety of processors
    I have one from cypress, one from ST and one from microchip
    they have training manuals, examples, forums, etc
    and, based on the cost for a bare PWB, like the one you designed, the net cost is less
    because the parts and instructions etc. are included, its assembled and it works out of the box.

    (all i need to do is spend some time with one or another of the
    development kits rather than on this forum)

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