I'm trying to deembed a DUT that has two connectors as fixtures i have the SP of the measured DUT+Fixture and the SP of the connectors,
here is some of the code:

S_measured = sparameters('S2P-Hyb-41.s2p');
S_fixture = sparameters('DeEmbeddedFixture.s2p');
freq = S_measured.Frequencies;
%% DUT De-embedding 
S_DUT = deembedsparams(S_measured,S_fixture,S_fixture);

it's the same connector but i used it twice so...
BUT while running the code this shows up:
"All sparameter objects must use the same frequency vector and the same impedance value."
both objects do have the frequencies
can anyone help me solve this ? i'm new to matlab and deembedding