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    About 12 μm detector of IRay Technology-Advantages & disadvantages

    In March 2018, at the IWA2018 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, I saw the IRays 12 μm 640, 384 detector. After a year of contact with IRay, I successfully tried the latest 12 μm outdoor thermal monocular in the previous period. Thats really a super product , as far as I know there are some advantages with a 12μm detector for thermal monocular comparing to 17μm .
    I did some tests with monocular with 12 μm detector plus a 25mm lens and the other one17μm detector plus a 35mm lens which is amazing,the observe distance is the same! And when they both use the 25mm lens, the observe distance of 17um detector is over 30% more than the 17 μm detector .
    The material used for the 12 μm detector is VOx which has significant advantages than a-Si. NETD is less than 40mK, 14-bit digital output is supported.High sensitivity and easy to use,it keeps the primary competitive advantages of IRay products. Currently IRay 12 micron 12801024, 640512, 384288, and 256192 full range detectors have been in mass production. The following is a specific description of the 12-micron detectors.

    Resolution 12801024,12 μm

    1. Super large FPA ,XGA high resolution detector;
    2. Frame rate up to 60Hz ;
    3. Typical power consumption is less than 350mW;
    4. NETD < 40mK (@f/1.0, 30Hz, 300K);
    5.14-bit digital output.
    6. Supporting detector Evaluation Kit (can be customized)

    Resolution 640512/384288
    1. Available with ceramic or wafer level (WLP) packages;
    2. 14-bit digital output;
    3. Frame rate up to 60Hz
    4. Under typical working conditions, the power consumption of 640 and 384 array products is less than 150mW and 100mW respectively;
    5. NETD≤40mK (@f/1.0, 50Hz, 300K);
    6. Support for TEC-less and shutter-less applications.
    7. Supporting detector Evaluation Kit (can be customized)

    Resolution 256192

    1. 14-bit digital output;
    2. Wafer level packaging (WLP);
    3. Provide a standard I2C interface;
    4. Support 5V/1.8V standard voltage and support MCU-based application solutions;
    5. Under typical operating conditions, the power consumption is less than 60mW.
    6. Supporting detector Evaluation Kit (can be customized)

    So products with 12μm detectors have advantages in size,weight,power consumption etc.
    I heard that IRay will bring more 12 μm products to Laser-world of Photonics 2019 exhibition in Mnchen,Germany. If you have more information about them, please leave a message.
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