I started playing with subject. More precise

I have cc1101 module any as this
for connecting with PC and SmartRF Studio 7 I use ccdebugger
ccdebugger and cc1101 module is detect in SmartRF Studio.

As transmiter I use wind sensor WS7000-15
this have 433.92MHz transmiter any as this and use this format of telegram

Frequency: 433.92MHz
Modulation: AM, I think OOK
data rate: 1200us/bit ==> 833.333 bit/s (baud)
bit coding: 0 800us Hi + 400us LO
1 400us Hi + 800us LO

In SmartRF studio I set
Base frequency : 433MHz (432.999817)
Xtal frequency: 26MHz (on module is 26MHz xtal)
Modulation: OOK
Channel number: 35 (I think center frequency 433.92MHz)
Datarate: 0.8333 (0.83375)
Channel spacing: 25kHz (25.390625)
RX filtr BW: 58.035714 kHz (defult)
because transfer is asynchronous I set PKTCTRL0.PKT_FORMAT=3

If I start in SmartRF Continuous RX I see noise, if touch on module noise increase, but I don't see the transmitter broadcast.
What I'm doing wrong?

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