I have a kintex7 custom Board with xc7k410tffg676-2 device.

it has a connection to sata port.

MGTREFCLK0P_116/MGTREFCLK0N_116 is connected to a 200MHz ref clk(pin D6 and D5)

SATA data ports are connected to MGTXTXP0_116,MGTXTXN0_116, MG4 MGTXRXP0_116 and MGTXRXN0_116. (Pins F1,F2 , G3 and G4)

I read UG476_7series_transceivers.pdf but don't understand how to select correct Quad and GTX in wizard!
any one can help me?

what the below picture means? MGT_116 is quad 0 or 1?
which GTX is connected to MGTREFCLK0P_116/MGTREFCLK0N_116 pin?

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picture below is the GTX wizard! did I select the correct locations for GTX and RefClks?

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