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    PID for odometer obd 2 for CAN with Car

    I am currently working in the project which fetches OBD (On Board Diagnostic)2 information from the different cars.
    Well, I could read Vehicle Speed, Engine RPM, Coolant Temperature, Engine Run time from Start. So. i am sure that communication is happening in proper way.
    But the my problem is, I couldn't find any PID for fetching the odometer & Fuel Tank Level in Percentage ...Since They both are one of the important parameter for our project, I cant ignore tat all.
    I surfed on internet and got results saying that, its not legislated to read an odometer
    But I saw some videos in youtube, in that they even write and change odometer values....

    So there must some PID specifying the odometer, So please give your valuable suggestions
    Its very urgent for me
    please help me.

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    Re: PID for odometer obd 2 for CAN with Car

    Diagnostics are meant to diagnose what is the status of the operational aspects of the car - specifically the engine. Whether it is working OK, or whether there are some parameter values which need attention for proper working.

    I do not see how the odometer OR the current fuel tank reading could have any bearing on a diagnostic. The odometer might - in that if the car had gone 500000 miles and some parameters were out of whack, then the diagnostician might throw up his hands and just say "oh well, this vehicle has run its course".

    HOWEVER - as a solution to your dilemna - since both odometer AND fuel level are readily visible from the drivers seat, and usually also quite static during any diagnostic run, maybe you can just manually feed in these numbers and not worry about "legislation" ? And how to change the value ... which IS illegal ?

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