Hello guys. Newbie here. Having a project on hands and getting tired of the problems.
I have a factory media unit in my renault laguna 3 wich consist of radio player, navigation module with display(the thing i am trying to get rid of), multiple input modules, GPS module, and a auxiliary input module. The thing i am trying to do is remove the display module and place a android phone/tablet instead, using a arduino with can module to read information from the media unit and send them to the android via bluethoot. The problem is once i unplug the navigation display, the media system(the radio) just won't start. I have tried to find if is a line of code that need to be send, or is it an electrical connection, but could not figure it out.
I am asking for your wisdom, if any of you have knowledge in this sort of... thing.
Thank you four your time, and also please take in mind that i have limited knowledge in this matter, but i learn very easy if thaught. Also not a native english speaker.