Hi, Im Tomislav from Onethinx. We are a small company and we have developed a LoRaWAN module, for which we believe to be the easiest and most secure. We would like to know your opinion regarding our module. Your honest opinion? Would you use it? Is security important to you?

Range we got: 13km
Average range people get: 11km

Ultra Low power mode current: 1.7uA

Size: 20mm x 24.5mm

Datasheet: https://www.onethinx.com/Content/dow...revC-final.pdf 1

Here are some specs:

PSoC 6 dual ARM core microcontroller
ARM M0+ core runs certified locked stack
ARM M4 core runs users application (free to program)
Integrated Secure Element
Semtech SX1261 radio
integrated omnidirectional antenna
Small Form factor: 24.5x20 mm
CE and FCC certified
PSA level 1 certified
LoRa Alliance certified stack (transferable certification)
Bluetooth 5 (no antenna)
Easy to use API (few functions to get going)
Here are some of the main differentiators of our module compared to most other LoRaWAN modules

Immediately ready to use: ultra short time-to-market.
LoRa Alliance Certification by Similarity
Implement ARM® PSA® in your LoRaWAN™ device
The Onethinx core module uses the PSoC® 64 SecureBoot MCU with secure element functionality.
The combination of the new SX126x LoRaWAN™ radiochip together with the highly efficiënt integrated antenna ensures robust LoRaWAN functionality and longest battery life.
Few functions to get going:

coreStatus_t LoRaWAN_Init(coreConfiguration_t* coreConfigurationPtr)
coreStatus_t LoRaWAN_Join(bool waitTillFinished)
coreStatus_t LoRaWAN_Send(uint8_t* buffer, uint8_t length, bool waitTillFinished)
coreStatus_t LoRaWAN_GetRXdata(uint8_t* buffer, uint8_t length)
coreStatus_t LoRaWAN_GetStatus()
errorStatus_t LoRaWAN_GetError()