Dear all
We are one of leading manufacturer of urgent order in south of china,who offer one-stop solution for customer, specializes in providing worldwide clients with high-quality printed circuit board Layout,fabrication,assembly and components sourcing services at an affordable price.
Material Availability:
KingBoard/ShengYi TG140-180,Halogen Free,Low Flow Prepreg,Rogers,Rigid Polyimide,Taconic,Berquist,PTFE,Taiyo Ink,3M Peelable Mask,Copper core.
RO4350B,RO4003,RO3003,RO3010,RO5880,RO6010,TG 180 FR-4,Arlon,Nelco,Aluminum.
Some our advantage as below.
1)Urgent delievery for the board below 10L;
We can offer you 2days for 2L, 3days for 4/6L, 4days 8L, 5days 10L, 6days 12L and so on,and we can more quicker if you want.
2)special material order.
Special material like Rogers 3003/3010/5880/6010 etc and Taconic material.
3)HDI order.
ELIC HDI and others HDI we can build.2/2mil production is ok for us .
*Skype: Walker(fastturnpcb)

Any contact is super welcome.