Hello everyone.
I am PCB designer with 10 years work experience.
My skills:
1) Experience using Altium Designer, Xpedition PCB and SolidWorks.
2) Experience with layout of high density/high speed/RF, multilayer boards with blind/buried vias, rigid-flex and aliminium base boards.
3) My projects contained different interfaces (PCI-express, HDMI, Ethernet and etc.), DDR, 0.4mm-pitch packages, and boards with up-to 18 layers and 10000 pins.
4) Knowledge of EMI considerations for PCB Layout, IPC standards, PCB manufacture and assembly process.

I am looking for removal partial job and ready for:
- Creating electronic library symbols, geometry, footprints etc. per IPC standards.
- Routing complex PCB
- Design 3D models of components and assemblies of boards for mechanical integration.

Alexander Panov, Russia
Email - pcbathome@gmail.com
Telegram - +7 (977) 890-01-03

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