I'm fully aware that this question is somewhat subjective, anyway I need to make a comparison of the processing capacity of PLCs from different manufacturers and models, but from the research done so far, it was not clear which analytical method could be used to estimate their performance in this regard. By the way, the target code runs an IEC-61131-3 compliant language set.

One fact to consider is that the one I'm currently working with, has a fast 32-bit X86-based core with has added support for floating-point arithmetics, which is useful for inferring some runtime heavy calculations of signals consistency comming from field sensors; however to make things even worse, I wanted to add (simple interlocking) tasks from another PLC into this one, which had reached 50% of its realtime capacity; and I do not know how to evaluate the processing power of other manufacturers optios, other than by getting a sample and migrating the code to there, running and measuring its latency time.

I know that in general IPCs have a much higher processing performance when compared to PLCs, but I do not intend to consider this possibility yet, and even if this were the case, I still have to be able to do this comparative analysis between manufacturers and their models.

Does anyone have any insight on this ?