I am developing complex application for STM32F103xx MCU. Hardware is consisted of several boards (up to 8 - every has STM32F103 on-board) connected together by "CAN" bus. Code is written with use of "Standard Peripheral Library" for ARM-CortexM3. This is inheritance of project origins - research project from "University of Technology". The system is still under active development.

I am using for development of it "Ride7" with "RKit-ARM for Ride7". I am glad of Ride7 IDE and compiler (and debugging features). I have commercial "enterprise" licence for these two products.

This system complexity is high now, and I am still adding new features. I think it is about time to add unit tests for project.

I was looking for "Unit test" framework for "Ride7 with RKit-ARM, but it wasn't succesfull.

I only found this:



, but this solution not meet my needs.

Maybe someone was using tool for automatic testing with Ride7 (ARM) and could to share his knowlede.

Thanks in advance.