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    Help us to create a wonderful antenna community

    My friends and I graduated from university in field of engineering some years ago. So far we have not been successful to achieve a good job or earn enough salary that we can rely on. During these years we did many different work, however many of them were not related to our studying or were too demanding.
    It is important to say that all of us have obtained different medals in university, national and international competitions but no one didn’t support us to produce our inventions or idea or provide some facilities to nurture our idea in many ways. We advertised our ideas in some reputed philanthropic websites but we earn nothing.
    These days, for another effort, we intend to establish our online website to put some engineering topics to improve public knowledge and increase our users to sell our online courses.

    We have created a donate page to attract some donors and I will be grateful if you could contribute to share this page with your friends to help us. We are going to thank our donors who are interested in Antenna Design by considering a discount as an appreciation for our final product.

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