Hello all,

This is my first post in this forum, hoping to get the solution.

I have been using ADS 14 MoM and got comparable measurement results. Recently, I switched to ADS 2017 Update 1 and observed the strange thing.
For continuous microstrip structures like couplers, patch antennas etc,I am getting same result in both the ADS version using TML port calibration. But in case of designs containing lumped elements or .s2p files, I am getting completely different results in the co-simulation although I used same MoM settings.

I have few more designs where lumped R-L-C/s2ps are co-simulated with the EM and experienced different result. I am attaching here the archive of a single design as an example.

switch files (.s2p) are "-5V_Reverse_Bias" & "15mA_Forward_Bias"
Another .s2p is for capacitor "500S2R4"
^^ All these 3 .s2p files are available in the data folder of the design.