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    Regarding Embedded Linux Quad-Core Board Custom Design

    Hello All.

    For my project I need to use small size Embedded Linux Quad-Core Board . My Project needs below:

    - Quad Core CPU (Run Linux Ubuntu)
    - RAM 1GB or higher
    - eMMC 64GB to 256GB and additional MicroSD storage
    - Capacitive Touchscreen 3.5 Inch
    - Sensor connection (via GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI)
    - 1xUSB2.0 and 1xUSB3.0
    - WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0

    Only above things I No other features I need like HDMI, Ethernet, Camera or other ...

    Due to USB3.0 and Bluetooth 5 ... I can not use regular SoM/SBC available in market like RPi, NanoPi, Orange Pi etc. I found Orange Pi Lite 2 is a good choice but its Bluetooth 4.0 also the USB connector is A-Type which is very thick as my Board needs to be low profile. In addition, I need to consider Certification (FCC/CE) as my project have target to be a commercial product future.

    Now I am thinking use design a small PCB for the CPU Module using USB 3.0 supported Chip like Allwinner H6 or Rockchip RK3288 or any other. And for Wireless, I'll interface 3rd Party (Pre-Certified FCC/CE) WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 Module.

    Can any one advice the below:

    -1. Supporting USB 3.0 which CPU Chip will be good and low cost choice?

    -2. I did not designed any CPU Board before. I have experience on design very compact Board with ARM Cortex MCU (with up-to 6-Layer). So will it be very challenging to design a CPU Module? Can anyone suggest me any reference design as a starting point?

    -3. After design and manufacturing how difficult about FCC and CE certification? As I mentioned before for Wireless WiFi and Bluetooth I'll use Pre-Certified Module.

    Thanks in advance.

    Looking forward your advise.

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