Hi everyone,

I am a student and it is my first time with this kind of chip. I have been using the ADV7619 chip (http://www.analog.com/media/cn/techn...oc=ADV7619.pdf) during a couple of weeks. The main idea is to run the chip in the basic mode (every register per default) and then getting a specific resolution. For that, I read the datasheet and I just changed by I2C (keeping the other register per default):

Power_down to 0
Configure the HDMI map, CEC map, INFOFRAME map, DPLL map, KSV map, EDID map and CP map
TRI_PIX to 0
TRI_LLC to 0

But i dont know why, my computer doesnt detect the second screem when I connect it to the ADV7619. I checked registers like Cable_det_raw_a and everything was fine. I read that it could be because of resolution mode of the receiver that it could be not accepted by my computer. I checked it but the resolution per default is 800x600 so, it is a basic resolution. I changed more register but it was not usefull.

Finally I deserve of this and I found a configuration: 2047.ADV7619-VER.1.9c.zip (https://ez.analog.com/video/w/docume...-support-files). I checked and used one of them (:03-01 RGB 444 In - 2x24-bit RGB 444 out -For use up to 4kx2k). I configured the ch but my computer still doesnt detect the second screem.

I dont know what could be my next step to fix it or to see why it doesnt work. I am a little bit lost and desesperate.
I would really appreciate it if you could help me.
Note: As I said you before, I am not a expert so if it is possible, dont use very complex knowledge in the answer, please.